Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reflection on Digital Nation

After watching this video I was very surprised at some of the topics that were discussed. It really opened my eyes to my own multitasking issue. I try to multitask on a daily basis and I fail miserably every time, but I continue to do it.When I sit down to do a paper or some homework, I always have something else going on. I will have music on or the TV on or blackberry in hand. I know very well that when I am distracted I make mistakes, but it is hard to separate myself from technology. The quote at the end of the video by one of the professors really encompasses the mystery of technology, "technology is not good or  bad, it's powerful". That's just it, it is too powerful for us to even wrap our heads around yet.

I was absolutely shocked at the second world reality. I personally, think that that is just ridiculous. Working from home must be absolutely wonderful for those people and I am jealous, but I don't believe that it can make you feel like you know the others or like you feel in a real meeting face to face. The gaming portion of this video is what really got to me. When all these children are talking about how many hours the spend playing games it is just sad. I believe that if you are a concerned parent and you are involved in your child's life there is no reason why you can not stop them from gaming for 10 plus hours. The fifteen year old boy in Korea who's mother sent him to the gaming treatment for two weeks was crazy to me. She watched as he ate his dinner, cleared his plate, left her there and sat right back in front of the computer. My mother would have stopped me dead in my tracks before I even thought about getting up before she was done eating. I do believe that these games could quite possibly be addicting, but there has to be a line somewhere. The war craft game segment showed a man talking with people on his team, I heard in the background one of them say "I'll be right back I have to hug my boy goodnight". The days are so short and go by so fast, that a father should not be just giving his son a quick hug and heading back to his game, there should be quality, face to face, REAL interaction, none of this second reality stuff. I think technology is putting a strain on relationships, families, and quality time spent with each other has diminished.

I'm not sure what position I take on the technology issue. I believe it is wonderful, and a lot can be accomplished, and you can get creative, but how far we should take it, I can't decide. Even if "netiquette" is taught, there are still going to be issues. I suppose we will see what further research comes about and see if as a society we can come up with some sort of medium.

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