Saturday, February 12, 2011

Equal Access

Teachers need to provide equal access to the digital world to all learners-

I disagree with this statement a lot. Teachers should certainly provide time to use the computers and learn to navigate the assignment that is being put into place, but the internet is everywhere. Years ago it was acceptable for students to say they had no access to the internet once they left school and today some families may still not have a computer, but we always have a library. The library is there for children to take advantage of, it is open all weekend and at night. People have hectic lives that is for sure, but there is always time to take your child to the library to access the internet to complete a task or an assignment. 

What this statement means to me is that as teachers we should constantly incorporate technology into our classrooms. The times have changed drastically and technology is booming. In order for our students to be prepared for life and the next grade level, technology needs to be included. I do not go more than 10 seconds through a day without seeing someone check their iphone, check facebook, or bring up the weather forecast for the week on some hand held device. Now a days you almost laugh at people who don't keep technology at their fingertips constantly. Accomplishing equal access is just that, taking advantage of technology to further your students education. I feel pressured to find new and interesting ways to use technology in my classroom when I become a teacher. And when I say pressure I do not mean it in a bad way. It is like my own personal challenge. Challenge myself to make sure these children get the education that they deserve. 

In conclusion I do not believe the statement, teachers need to provide equal access to the digital world to all learners, should be taken literally. I believe it is more of the teacher's responsibility to successfully use the technology, not to literally provide the students with computers and internet access. Again, I see children running around with better cell phones than me and these new dsi's that allow them to have internet access almost like a little laptop. It is amazing how much the internet has changed and how useful of a tool it can be!


  1. I did not look at that question, in the way you did, but now that I read your blog I really like your thoughts on the topic. I do agree with your ideas that teachers need to constantly be incorporating technology into their lessons and classrooms and that it is a challenge sometimes, but a good challenge. I think it makes us better educators! Great ideas!!

  2. Believe it or not, there are still areas where even the libraries only have limited technology. I have a friend who lives in a small town where 90% of her students are on free/discounted lunch. Their local library has two computers--and she says they are always in use, broken, or extremely slow. Just because we live in an area where technology is the norm, there are still areas where this isn't the case! She did, however, have large companies donate old computers to her school--she said it's amazing how excited her kids get to use them. It's tough to think about having to take that on, but what a difference she is making for those children! I do like your argument, but will have to disagree with your POV. When it is known there are students w/o access, in order to prepare the students for their future, it falls on the classroom teacher to be an advocate for her students. Enjoyed reading a different POV for a change :)

  3. Thanks for your feedback! It is hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that their are places like you described. I guess you could call it is a tad ignorant of me to think that way, but at the same time, some of those kids probably have relatives with some type of internet connection. I just think if people try hard enough technology is there, but some people could have no contact with that and it is amazing there is a library like the one you described. Thanks for your POV it is certainly refreshing when people disagree with you!

  4. Emily, I really enjoyed your blog because it felt very honest. I like how you looked at the question in a different way, outside the box. I also respect the recognition of a "challenge" because I also look forward to the challenges of becoming a great teacher.